Roundtable Discussions Every Thursday at 3:00


July 13 – October 5

The Deerfield Valley Aging in Place Initiative offers roundtable discussions from 3:00 to 4:30 pm every Thursday. These are held in the downstairs space of St Mary’s in the Mountain’s Episcopal Church, 13 E Main St, Wilmington, VT 05363.

The topics are relevant to all citizens but especially to the challenges associated with aging. Please come to as many roundtables as you can and invite a friend. We can all learn from others and these are an open sharing of ideas, suggestions and available community resources.

Each discussion has a leader with experience on the topic to keep attendees informed about best practices and local experts and service providers.  A Deerfield Valley News article about upcoming roundtables is here.



July 13


Equipment for Independence

Danielle Magnant
AiP has a medical equipment loan closet. Right now there are 17 walkers in there as well as all sorts of other gadgets and aids we can loan out free. You don't have to be old to break a leg. When you do, and you have a cast on your leg, how do you put on your socks? There is a gadget for that. Danielle Magnant, a local Occupational Therapy provider will demonstrate the use of some of these tricky little aids. If you have a favorite tool, bring it and show us how to use it.

July 20


Death and Dying
Bettina Berg
It's not a subject most folks love to address. But knowing the local options available to you and your extended family can make future end-of-life experiences much more manageable. Did you know that hospice is not just for people dying, or that there is a completely free, volunteer program for support and care right in your own home that comes to you from Brattleboro Area Hospice? They also have a program called Taking Steps to help you get your end-of-life wishes down on paper via an Advanced Directive. Bettina Berg will talk about all these services and several more.

July 27


Cares Groups
Bill Schmidt
Does the Deerfield Valley need our own version of the rural, organized response that some other towns have built to coordinate their neighbors' need for medical rides, access to nutritional food, and other kinds of help especially for isolated or ill ?

Aug 3


Your Vision
Melinda Underwood
Vision changes might be the first signal we have that we are not age 25 anymore. Melinda Underwood, from the Vermont Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired (VDBVI) will share coping strategies to retain your independence and inform participants about a monthly low vision support group called PALS (Peer Assisted Learning and Support).

Aug 10


Driving Options
Jan Turk & Christine Fayetteville
If you can no longer drive, living in a rural area presents many challenges. Jan and Christine from the Moover will showcase the many services that our local transportation facility offers.

Aug 17



Diane Chapman
How do I downsize when my kids don't want my stuff? What do I do with a lifetime of prized possessions?

Aug 24


Avoiding Fraud and Identity Theft
Alan Baker
Learn the tricks that fraudsters use, how to avoid them, and what to do when you receive that fraudster's phone call, letter, or email.

Alan's presentation is at

Aug 31


Long Term Care
David Warner and Abby Eldridge
David and Abby will explain long term care insurance and the fine print that imposes limitations on its use.

Sept 7


Heron Photos

Nicki Steel
Nicki Steel creates beautiful wildlife photographs. She recorded the growth of 13 great blue herons from just after they hatched until they fledged. To photograph them she trekked to their heronry in Marlboro 12 times over the past year. Come and enjoy her slides. Nicki's cards with pictures of herons and loons will also be available for purchase.

Sept 14


"Caregiving" film
Jesse Kreitzer
This is the same film that will be shown at Brattleboro's Latchis Theater with the Vermont Symphony.

Sept 21


Go Wish
Edie Mas
Playing "Go Wish" is a way to help you develop a plan for living when health problems or other challenges arise.

Sept 28


Estate Planning
Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook, Esquire will answer your questions regarding paperwork about your legacy, your wishes at end of life, how to inform your family about your estate, and Vermont's rules that may trigger probate.

Oct 5


Funerals and Green Burials
Michelle Acciavatti
Get answers to your questions about funerals and learn what you can do now to save your family from guessing about your wishes. Michelle Acciavatti, an end-of-life specialist in Vermont, will speak about planning your own funeral to make it yours. She will also share her experience and passion about green burials.

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